Monday, November 21, 2016


Hello friends, family, Lutes and strangers! Bienvenidos to our J-term 2017 Antarctica/Argentina blog! We are a group of 16 PLU students with a common mission to spend our "wild and precious lives" seeking adventure via the more unconventional route. We have been busy these past few months preparing for our journey--researching, giving presentations, reading... and of course, carefully crafting our Christmas wish lists to include all the necessary cold weather gear we've yet to acquire! We embark on this adventure of a lifetime January 7th, 2017, stay tuned for more posts!

From “Bestiario” (“Bestiary”), Pablo Neruda

In this world, rushing, suddenly quiet,           
            I need more communication,                                   
            other languages, other signs;                                   
            I want to know this world.                       

I want to speak with many things,
and I will not leave this planet
without knowing what I came to find
without solving this affair
and people are not enough.
have to go much farther,

            and I have to go much closer.